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Latest Research

26 April 2023

Privacy Made Positive® USA

Our latest report covers data privacy. consumer choice and behaviours across the US. Our findings provide an insight into how consumers across the United States act on privacy and motivations behind choosing one brand over another.

08 May 2021

Privacy Made Positive® Europe

Customers and decision making in Europe: How much of a part does privacy play? Download the eBook to discover what we found when we polled 4,000 consumers across Great Britain, France, Germany and Ireland.

07 July 2020

Privacy Made Positive® Economic Research

What is the economic value of privacy and ethical behaviour? Download the eBook to discover the value behind good privacy practices.

White papers

Latest Paper

02 May 2023

AI regulation white paper

Our latest white paper sets out general guidelines for ethical and compliant use of AI and works through a number of practical examples to help elucidate the issue and present a compliant approach and appropriate safeguards.


Latest Article

18 July 2024

Why a privacy-centric approach matters to direct marketing

Brands operating globally need to understand the nuances of different privacy regimes and their requirements. Marc Marrero, Practice Lead takes a global view and reviews six data protection laws, outlining the implications of each of these on direct marketing activities.

30 April 2024

Marketing and Privacy - there's the law, there's best practice and there's reality

Group Chief Executive Officer, Ben Rapp considers what privacy means for marketing and why it matters for your brand, your consumers and your business

03 June 2024

Countdown to the India Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023

With the clock ticking, the countdown is now on. Read Senior Consultant, Karen Bollard's summary of the key considerations and actions businesses should actively be taking to ensure compliance.

07 May 2024

Practical considerations for the crafting of an effective data retention policy

Effective data retention makes sure that only relevant data is retained. This drives operational efficiencies and reduces risk.


Latest Recording

26 April 2023

Privacy sells: How US consumers act on privacy

Hosted in conjunction with the American Marketing Association, the panel consider how privacy impacts online consumer behaviour.


29 November 2022

Employee data: Who, what, why, where and when?

Our panel considered key challenges, pitfalls and best practices involved in the collection, processing and storing of employee data from job application to exit – and discussed why it is so important to get this right.


29 September 2022

IDT 7: Is this the end of the world as we know it?

With a focus on workable solutions and practical tips to mitigate risk and keep data flowing internally and to partners, our panel provides their views on what privacy professionals should be considering.


25 May 2022

IDT 6: Brexit, adequacy and international data transfers - the next chapter

A comprehensive round up of the current state of play, touching on China’s PIPL, The UK’s Data Reform Bill and privacy law enforcement action on US transfers and the implications of the recent agreement between the EU and the US.



20 March 2024

Compliance Beyond Borders: Insights from Financial Regulators

Hosted in Barbados, the one-day conference saw Lisa Greaves, Data Protection Commissioner, Barbados and key regulators and representatives from the financial services industry discuss compliance priorities. Videos of keynote presentations and panel sessions on conference page. Click below to view videos.

06 February 2024

The EU AI Act Summit 2024

Summit provided practical guidance about how both providers and corporate users of AI should be preparing now for the introduction of this far-reaching piece of legislation.

19 March 2024

How brands can conquer Data Governance with AI on the rise

Part of the AMA virtual workshop series. Understand what responsible AI means for the professional marketeer and how it can be used to build a better brand.

23 January 2024

Ensuring fair and lawful AI implementation

Hosted in conjunction with Privacy Laws & Business, the roundtable considered how AI systems can be implemented in a fair and lawful way, reflecting data protection principles and law.

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