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A people-first approach to data privacy that builds trust whilst being creative and collaborative.

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People first

Data privacy is about people. Our whole practice is informed by this simple statement. It reminds us that behind our day-to-day work are real people who can suffer irreversible harm if their privacy is compromised.

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The circle of stakeholders

Any organisation has many kinds of people. Not just customers and prospects, but employees, suppliers, shareholders, and collaborators. And in certain cases, we widen this further to include the families and dependants of those people. This understanding of the circle of stakeholders that surrounds every enterprise ensures a 360 view of privacy looking across silos, functions, and geographies. 

Why is privacy important?

Almost everything an organisation does can have a privacy impact on one or more of its many classes of stakeholder. That's why a privacy office needs to be involved at many levels and throughout lifecycles. This close engagement also means that the privacy team has to go beyond compliance and help the organisation find effective solutions that unite commercial success with data protection.

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The belief that privacy has a positive value is a key foundation of our practice.

Practical advice

This belief that privacy has positive value is a key foundation of our practice. We help you build trust. That trust brings a wide variety of benefits including better talent acquisition, improvements in employee loyalty and retention rates, increases in net promoter scores, stronger commercial partnerships and measurable sales success.

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Embedding privacy

Building trust means making privacy practical. There's no point in advice that can't be implemented. There's no value in documentation that no-one reads - or that can't be understood even when it is read. On the other hand, there's no internal support for a privacy office that stops the business growing and innovating. Privacy isn't about narrow legal opinion or officious box-ticking - it's about integrating the spirit of the law into the heart of your operations.

Making privacy work for you

We work with you to look for the best ways of managing your risk and achieving your business goals. Not just by avoiding privacy infringements and managing demonstration of compliance. We use privacy to reduce risk, enhance what you do and make your commitment to stakeholder trust visible and recognised.

Integrated and comprehensive service

We blend document analysis, questionnaires, in-person and remote interviews and sector knowledge. We produce comprehensive reports identifying non-conformities, highlighting best practice and detailed remediation recommendations. We also assess a client's privacy maturity, comparing them against their peers and well as versus best practice.

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Privacy lifecycle

Privacy is a long-term commitment. Like all good stories it has a beginning, a middle and an end. In our experience, the introduction and conclusion are often where the hardest thinking happens.

We’ve built a privacy-by-design programme that helps you embed privacy into all of your innovation and evolution. Getting privacy right at the outset helps integrate compliance and trust-building into operations without compromising efficiency.

We also help you plan for the end of life of your data and the projects, systems and processes that rely on it. Like stories, games and adventures, it’s important to know when to stop and how to let go. Unlike a story, though, the ending shouldn’t come as a surprise and planning for data disposal at the outset helps inform transparency throughout your privacy lifecycle.

Our services

Our privacy-by-design programme helps you embed privacy into all of your innovation and evolution programmes.

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