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Flexible, expert advice, tailored to your business needs to drive your success.

Here for you when you need outside insights 

You might be dealing with new project, scaling up and out or understanding new regulations. Or you might wish to build long-term relationships with customers and employees by getting data privacy right. Whatever your challenges and goals, we bring broad data privacy expertise and best practice.


Insights into threats, risks, regulations best practice ... and opportunities

  • Support for your project teams- from advice and guidance to execution 
  • Help with policy and procedure design including new systems introduction, international expansion and organisational growth
  • Wide-ranging security awareness training- both general and certification-specific
  • Governance and oversight advice and training for boards, trustees and governors.

We can help

Our team has wide and deep knowledge across the whole information security continuum; we've also got real-world experience in both commercial and non-profit covering all kinds of sector from financial services through entertainment to education and healthcare.

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Data Protection

GDPR/UKDPA readiness reports and compliance dashboards. Review and drafting of policy documentation. Creation of procedures including DSAR, DPIA review. Staff training in GDPR/UKDPA and PECR compliance.

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Cyber-readiness reports and dashboards. Security auditing and penetration testing. Supplier reviews, technology selection and tendering. Security awareness training for staff and management.

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Board-level advice and guidance on information security. IT management review and preparation or revision of IT and security reporting to boards, trustees and governors. One-day and multi-day governance training for execs/non-execs.

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PCI/DSS compliance programmes including QSA liaison, programme management and execution. ISO27001:2013 and Cyber Essentials implementation including preparation of ISMS and auditor liaison.  


How it works

We have a variety of standard offerings, including one-day and multi-day health checks and audits, GDPR and cyber-readiness reports and standard training courses. We can also provide advice, support and assistance at all levels from associate to Principal on a day-rate basis.

Helpline, DPO and CISO customers get a discount on our standard rates. We also have special pricing for charities and start-ups. Contact us for more information and to request a no-obligation discussion of your requirements


Additional resources


Get privacy and security training for your people

We believe a good understanding of privacy is key to getting data privacy right. We provide a wide range of training options to help SMEs, charities and schools deliver effective privacy training.

DPO as a service

Assurance that personal data is safe with your organisation

Ensuring personal data is protected can be challenging for organisations which rely on an inexperienced or volunteer workforce. We can help.

Privacy health checks

Know where you stand on privacy, cyber and compliance

A first step in improving data privacy is to commission an assessment of your organisation’s preparedness. Would a health check be relevant for your organisation?


Advice and support when you need it most

Our helpline is your one-stop shop for assistance with all aspects of data protection, cyber-security, compliance and governance.

Assisted compliance

Struggling with the compliance workload?

Our assisted compliance service builds on our helpline service. We reduce the burden on your team.

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