Privacy training

Privacy health checks

Know where you stand on privacy, cyber and compliance

For many organisations, a first step in improving data privacy is to commission an assessment of current practices. We offer a straightforward privacy health check for SMEs, charities and educational establishments. Our experienced consultants work with your staff to build a picture of personal data processing across your business, assessing both security and regulatory compliance.


Scalable and concentrated insight

Our health check service adjusts to fit your needs. For smaller organisations, we have a fixed-cost offer that delivers a simple risk dashboard to help you understand where to focus your resources. For larger or more complex organisations, we build on this with longer engagements that look more deeply into your policies, procedures, paperwork and people to give a detailed assessment of your performance compared to best practice; we can do this across your whole organisation or limit our scope to specific functions or operating units.



Expert insight wherever you operate

We understand the global picture. We're an international practice with a global perspective and a broad understanding of the whole regulatory spectrum. Even for single country organisations there are multiple regulations that affect data privacy and cyber-security; for anyone who works internationally it's vital to understand the interplay between the laws and regulations of every market in which you operate. 


Accessible and practical recommendations

However deep or wide you ask us to go, our outputs are always presented with accessible visual dashboards and practical recommendations in clear jargon-free language. We understand that regulations aren't meant to stop you doing what you do, and we'll always give advice that you can use to improve your performance while staying on the right side of the law and maintaining high ethical standards 

Related services


Get privacy and security training for your people

We believe a good understanding of privacy is key to getting data privacy right. We provide a wide range of training options to help SMEs, charities and schools deliver effective privacy training.


Advice and support when you need it most

Our helpline is your one-stop shop for assistance with all aspects of data protection, cyber-security, compliance and governance.

Assisted compliance

Struggling with the compliance workload?

Our assisted compliance service builds on our helpline service. We reduce the burden on your team.

DPO as a service

Assurance that personal data is safe with your organisation

Ensuring personal data is protected can be challenging for organisations which rely on an inexperienced or volunteer workforce. We can help.


Here for when you need outside insight

Struggling with a new challenge? Not sure who can help? We provide specialist consulting advice at discounted rates for charities and start-ups.

Ready to take the next step?

Fill out our contact form if you'd like a conversation about your privacy needs and challenges and how we might be able to help you. If you ask us to come to a meeting, we promise to bring biscuits.


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