Privacy Operating Model

What model is best for your business?

Central to establishing a properly functioning data privacy program is the Privacy Operating Model that underpins it. But how do you define the appropriate model for your organisation?

Establishing the foundations for data privacy success

One of the biggest challenges facing organisations as they establish a properly functioning data privacy programme is just how to design and set up a Privacy Operating Model which fully supports their programme and thus their business.

To be successful, the Privacy Operating Model needs to underwrite practical data privacy with good governance and place trust and transparency at its core.

Our recommendation is to adopt an enterprise-wide approach that fosters collaboration, co-operation and integration between relevant teams and functions and yet remains flexible and adaptable to diverse organisational structures.

Organisations operating across multiple jurisdiction need a robust data protection framework and an effective Privacy Operating Model to both manage risk and transform their ability to engage with regulators.

We offer end-to end support from model design to implementation and monitoring and can also develop the model to establish privacy as a competitive advantage.

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Benefits of our service

  • Detailed and in-depth knowledge of data privacy and governance requirements
  • End-to-end support including design, implementation and monitoring
  • Access to specialist expertise from experienced international team
  • Strong track record of designing and establishing Privacy Operating Models for diverse clients
  • Experience across multiple sectors and different regulatory regimes globally
  • Practical advice tailored to your organisational needs.

A successful privacy operating model underwrites practical privacy with good governance and places trust and transparency at the heart of data protection.


How we work

The foundations for our design rest on three core pillars: compliance, risk and competitive advantage which together form the foundations of an effective privacy programme.

From the outset, our experienced team will work alongside your management team to:

  • Design the functions required for effective data privacy
  • Determine how these functions will be resourced
  • Identify appropriate reporting lines and budget responsibilities for privacy functions
  • Establish how to set up and monitor key performance indicators
  • Devise how best to integrate privacy into the wider governance and operations of your business.

What you get

Working in conjunction with our experienced team streamlines the process and accelerates your ability to drive the success of your privacy programme.

The Privacy Operating Model provides assurance around compliance, establishes a sophisticated risk management framework that is sustainable for the lifecycle of an organisation and offers insight into how embracing privacy will deliver a competitive advantage in a world where increasing regulation is becoming the norm.

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Use privacy as a means to outperform your competitors

Organisations with significant customer/consumer bases or large workforces, especially in countries with strong employee privacy protections can benefit from setting up a separate privacy advantage team as a sub-function of the privacy office.
Working closely with marketing (for consumer customers) and/or HR (for employee recruitment and retention) this unit focuses externally and internally signalling the organisation's commitment to privacy - usually with some focus on outperforming competitors.


Resources to download

Privacy Operating Model

An introduction to our approach with sample organisational structure.

Resources to download

DPO as a service

Helping manage your data protection whilst meeting all regulatory requirements.

Resources to download

Cyber Security - Securys 20-minute guide

Our guide provides a high-level overview of the threats and the actions you can take to protect your organization.

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About Securys


A specialist data privacy consultancy with a difference

We are not a law firm, but we employ lawyers. We’re not a cybersecurity business but our staff qualifications include CISSP and CISA. We’re not selling a one-size-fits-all tech product, but we’ve built proprietary tools and techniques that work with the class-leading GRC products to simplify and streamline the hardest tasks in assuring privacy.


Certified and accredited

We're corporate members of The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) which is a resource for privacy professionals globally. A not-for-profit organization, the IAPP offers a full suite of educational and professional development services and is the leading provider of  privacy certifications. All our consultants are required to obtain one or more IAPP certifications.

We’re also ISO 27001 and 27701 certified and have a comprehensive set of policies and frameworks to help our clients achieve and maintain certification. Above all, our relentless focus is on practical operational delivery of effective data privacy for all your stakeholders.

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Our relentless focus is on the practical operational delivery of effective data privacy for all your stakeholders.

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