Privacy audit for enterprise

External validation of compliance

As global regulation continues to grow in complexity, we're here to help you ensure you stay compliant, minimise your risks and maximise the positive value of privacy in your enterprise.

Get a clear, unbiased view

As with other areas of business where there are multiple stakeholders and multiple risks, both external and internal, it's important to validate that your internal controls are working properly and that you're following best practice.

Review of the status quo

We work with your compliance team to review your privacy documentation and your information security practice; we also do sample interviews and primary source inspection to check that your training programmes are effective and that your policies and procedures are being followed.

Audit output

In addition to detailed reports and recommendations where we find any issues, you also receive summary dashboards at appropriate organisational levels to help your business unit and horizontal function leaders identify both areas of concern and centres of excellence. In our view, audit is as much about finding praiseworthy behaviour that should be encouraged and replicate as it is about identifying error and risk.


Stay abreast of best practice 

Our audits don't just check that your records are complete and that your compliant with the letter of the relevant laws. We also benchmark you against your peers and emerging industry standards.

Privacy is about trust, and building trust means going beyond the necessary minimum. We'll help you understand how other comparable organisations are using privacy as a positive tool for revenue growth, customer retention and talent management.

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Act now and speak to us about your audit needs.

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