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Every day seems to bring another required policy or procedure...

There's no getting away from doing it. Doing information security is a documentation-heavy exercise. GDPR, UK DPA, PCI-DSS and ISO27001 all demand that you document every aspect of your security preparation; to get it right, you also have to follow in practice what you've written in theory. That means making sure your policies and procedures actually work and making sure you can communicate them effectively to all your stakeholders. 

Ask yourself

  • How do you keep on top of it all?
  • Who's going to produce and maintain all of the paperwork you need to be complaint?
  • Where can you turn for advice?
  • How do you hear about best practice as it evolves?
  • What can you learn from other sectors and organisations 

How it works

You pay for only the documents you need - there's no minimum number. A single annual payment lets you use the model document however you want inside your organisation.

We can also advise you on which ones you should license for your specific objective and help you customise them to suit your needs. We offer consultancy and training to support your implementation of the library and your certification or compliance process.


What else do you get?

If you're also a helpline customer, your get regular document updates to keep your licensed materials compliant as regulations and best practice evolve, together with our monthly bulletin highlighting changes in the threat environment and new legislation.

We can help

Our library contains all the policies and procedures you need for GDPR/UKDPA, ISO27001 PCI-DSS, Cyber Essentials and the information security aspects of a wide variety of other sectors including finance, law and accountancy. As well as off-the-shelf documents, we have templates and training materials to help you use our best practice know-how in your organisation without wasting time or money.
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Data Protection

Policies, procedures and templates dealing with core compliance, classification and retention, DPIA and LIA, records of processing activity, privacy policies, data catalogues, crisis communications, DSARS and more.

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Documents dealing with all aspects of cyber-security as required by regulation and certification. Covers physical as well as digital security, and includes operational procedures, configuration policies and staff training. 

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A framework to help you govern and manage information security risk at all levels from board to shopfloor. Includes the core information security policy, staff guidelines and controls, acceptable use and monitoring, audit, supplier selection and compliance.

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Policy cross-references and implementation guides for GDPR/UKDPA/PECR; ISO27001:2013; PCI-DSS including service providers; and CyberEssentials as well as FCA Handbook and professional regulatory guidelines in law, accountancy and non-profit.

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Get privacy and security training for your people

We believe a good understanding of privacy is key to getting data privacy right. We provide a wide range of training options to help SMEs, charities and schools deliver effective privacy training.

Privacy health check

Know where you stand on privacy, cyber and compliance

A first step in improving data privacy is to commission an assessment of your organisation’s preparedness. Would a health check be relevant for your organisation?

DPO as a service

Assurance that personal data is safe with your organisation

Ensuring personal data is protected can be challenging for organisations which rely on an inexperienced or volunteer workforce. We can help.


Here for when you need outside insight

Struggling with a new challenge? Not sure who can help? We provide specialist consulting advice at discounted rates for charities and start-ups.


Advice and support when you need it most

Our helpline is your one-stop shop for assistance with all aspects of data protection, cyber-security, compliance and governance.

Assisted compliance

Struggling with the compliance workload?

Our assisted compliance service builds on our helpline service. We reduce the burden on your team.

Ready to take the next step?

Fill out our contact form if you'd like a conversation about your privacy needs and challenges and how we might be able to help you. If you ask us to come to a meeting, we promise to bring biscuits.

If you think something more structured that a simple consulting engagement might suit your requirements, follow the links above or browse the website to learn more about our other services, including privacy health checks assisted compliance and privacy training.

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