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Practical AI implementation and governance solutions that take the guesswork out of managing AI responsibly and allow firms to explore machine learning opportunities.

What we offer

Our team has many years of experience helping organisations navigate many kinds of data protection and privacy challenges. Now, we are applying our advanced knowledge and unique insights into managing risk in these areas to the burgeoning and exciting field of machine learning.

Our approach is refreshingly practical and our methods leave no stone unturned. Our start point is our clients’ aspirations to ensure their AI infrastructure aligns with wider organisational goals.

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AI Discovery

An AI discovery draws upon our experience of data privacy discovery and audit for organisations of all types to conduct low impact high insight analysis of your workflows and data flows involving internally built and externally sourced AI/ML tools as well as unsanctioned “shadow AI”, which we investigate in a non-confrontational, non-judgemental way. 


AI Governance

Data knows no border. Even a modest AI/ML deployment exposes you to regulatory and legislative enforcement across multiple jurisdictions. Let our experts work alongside your risk and compliance teams to identify, monitor and mitigate all the risk that groundbreaking technologies run, without sacrificing your ability to profit from the opportunities that AI/ML bring.


AI by Design

Our consultants will work with you at every stage of the AI product cycle, from inception to delivery, advising on data preparation and system architecture to ensure that your models source and handle data responsibly, conform to relevant regulation, and are adequately risk-assessed and proactively risk-mitigated.

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