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We're a practical data privacy and protection consultancy helping organisations build stakeholder trust by delivering data privacy globally and locally.

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Who we are

Securys is not a law firm, but we employ lawyers. We’re not a cybersecurity business, but our staff qualifications include CISSP and CISA. We’re not selling a one-size-fits-all tech product, but we’ve built proprietary tools and techniques that work with the class-leading GRC products – so your hardest privacy tasks are simplified and streamlined.

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We go further than others

Securys has broad and varied collective experience which means we go wider and deeper than the rest.

We understand that businesses operate in a multi-dimensional regulatory environment and recognise the different priorities of the regulators.  We are aware these can bring about tensions between compliance workstreams such as handling sensitive client data for AML, sharing health information across multiple specialists or monitoring staff movement and site access for H&S.

Our job is to understand the regulatory continuum and help our clients meet all their compliance requirements efficiently and affordably. Or practically, as we’d say.

Our experience is broad and we work across multiple industries but, in particular, the financial services, e-commerce, healthcare, industrial and luxury goods sectors.


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Global risk

Our client base covers over 50 countries, so we are conversant not only with UK GDPR  but also multiple other privacy laws and regulations and data transfer protocols.

Data protection comes with significant regulatory risk, and it's a complex topic. There are now over 130 countries that have data protection laws and regulations. Change appears to be the new constant which makes keeping abreast of the latest regulatory developments a daunting challenge for businesses which operate globally. This is where we can help.


Risk parameters

It is important for organisations to know whether the budget they have set aside for controls and risk treatments is sufficient to mitigate risk to an acceptable level. It is our belief that many companies are not pricing risk adequately. As a consequence, they can underspend - or worse, misspend. Some companies spend a significant amount of money on data privacy, but do not achieve a great deal. 

Many organisations focus on the external risks from cybercrime such as data breach or ransomware. But data breaches are not always the result of criminals stealing data. Confidentiality breaches tend to be inadvertent misuse, or often, incorrect destinations - employees forwarding information to the wrong people or leaving documents in public.

Hands-on leadership

When you choose Securys, you won’t get the ‘A team’ selling to you and the ‘D team’ delivering the projects. We live by our Privacy Made Practical® principle and that is why each of our management team members is also directly involved in project work.

Ben Rapp@2x

Ben Rapp

Group Chief Executive

Ben was formerly founder and CEO of Managed Networks, a leading UK managed services provider. He exited that business in 2018 in a trade sale. Ben had also held a number of non-executive roles, including serving on the boards of TechUk and the BCS.

Ben is a CISSP-ISSMP, CIPP/E, CIPP/US, CIPP/M and an IAPP Fellow in International Privacy, BCS Fellow and a Chartered IT Professional.

Sara 2@2x

Sara Newman


Sara has had a number of Senior IT operations and management roles, including IT director for a UK top-25 accountancy firm. She leads client engagement and on-site audit; she also runs our DPO-as-a-Service practice and shares responsibility for internal talent development and retention. Sara is a CISA and CIPP/E. She also holds PRINCE2 and ITIL certifications.


John Lloyd


John has worked in a wide variety of leadership roles in diverse sectors including media, healthcare and non-profit. He enjoys realising complex but rewarding projects for various sized organisations.


Securys is a corporate member of the IAPP, and all our staff are required to obtain at least one IAPP certification. We’re also ISO 27001- and  ISO 27701 certified.

Why Securys?



We work as a specialised data privacy and protection consultancy in over 50 countries. Our clients include some of the largest global firms in their sectors.



We bring global experience of data privacy and information security assessment and remediation from multiple sectors and perspectives and offer a vast array of certifications.



We have practical on-the-ground experience in most of the world’s privacy regimes and know where to look for the conflicts between them.


Practical approach

Our approach is strategic, risk-driven, forward looking, positive and practical – our recommendations are not theoretical or academic interpretations, they are implementable plans.


Proven methodology

We bring continuously evolving audit and discovery tools with risk-scoring and flow through to dashboard and recommendations.

Your privacy engine room

Securys has been making privacy practical for organisations since 2014. We work across a wide variety of client types, including enterprise, SME, schools and charity organisations. The scope of their privacy needs is wide and varied but all our clients receive the same quality of service and care.

Our focus is on practical operational delivery of effective data privacy for all your stakeholders.

We’re not just a consultancy. We’re your privacy engine room. We can stand in your boardroom and do strategy with the best of them, and work with your compliance teams to solve knotty problems. We can audit your compliance and deliver drillable risk dashboards across the organisation. Above all we can get involved at ground level and help your frontline teams get the job done. That’s Privacy Made Practical®.

Why not let Securys be your privacy engine, so you can focus on privacy strategy and leadership?



Charity and pro bono work

Each year our team nominates a charity that we support throughout the year with an initial cash donation and ongoing pro bono privacy work. We try to find charities where we can make a difference, both with our direct contribution and with our professional help. Disadvantaged people can often be at disproportionate risk from misuse of their data; our belief that privacy is good for people comes into sharp relief in our charitable work.


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