DPO as a service

Assurance that personal data is safe with your organisation

Our outsourced Data Protection Officer offering delivers a flexible and adaptable service to help you protect personal data and oversee your regulatory compliance. 

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Good Governance

Organisations whether a school, a charity or a business operate within strict governance rules. The governance of personal data is no different. Staff need to understand their individual responsibilities for ensuring data is protected, some of which may well be sensitive category personal data. This can be challenging for organisations which rely on an inexperienced or volunteer workforce.

Our experienced and qualified Data Protection Officers (DPOs) offer a comprehensive data protection and regulatory compliance service which includes advice, guidance, training, and breach support.

Our DPOaaS delivers a flexible and adaptable service to help you protect personal data and oversee your compliance with the regulation.

Read on to learn more about our outsourced DPO as a service offering, what we provide and how your business benefits. We’re experienced in working with a wide range of organisations across multiple sectors and provide some case studies to demonstrate our strong track record. Scroll down to read these.

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Benefits of our service

  • Highly cost effective.
  • Designated DPO assigned to your team.
  • Regular site visits.
  • Practical, straightforward advice, tailored to the needs of your organisation.
  • Pre-existing best practice templates for required policy and procedure documentation.
  • Strong track record of working with similar clients in your sector.

Data Protection Officers have to oversee your compliance with regulation, provide advice and guidance, liaise with the ICO, maintain their own training and stay scrupulously independent. It’s their job to make sure you process data safely, transparently and fairly and to champion the rights of your data subjects.

Who needs a Data Protection Officer?

Your organisation must have a DPO if any of the following apply:

  • You are a public body – a part of government, a non-departmental public body or a government-funded public service.
  • You carry out large scale processing of sensitive information or criminal record data.
  • Your core activity involves regular and systematic and large scale monitoring of data subjects.

Special category data is defined in Article 9 of the GDPR, and includes health information, sexuality and sexual behaviour, religious and philosophical beliefs, political beliefs and allegiance and trade union membership.

Why use our service instead of hiring someone?

Appointing an internal DPO is a hard circle to square for many organisations.

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Covering the requirements for independence, expertise, ongoing support and training and adequate resources while not combining the role with any senior decision-making means an expensive recruit who will be hard to motivate and retain. Using the Securys DPO service gets you a properly independent view, with substantially greater resources behind it than you are likely to want to fund on your own.

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Our commitment to quality, including the maintenance of a wide range of formal data protection and information security qualifications lets you show your customers that you take their privacy seriously. We also take on the continuous training obligation and ensure that you receive continuity of service.

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The DPO service is combined with our Helpline, so you can turn to us for a broad range of data protection and cyber security advice as part of the package, and we can provide ready-made templates for all of your record keeping and documentation and help you complete and maintain them.

How does it work?

The DPO service is combined with our Helpline and Assisted compliance services, so you can turn to us for a broad range of data protection and cyber security advice as part of the package, and we can provide ready-made templates for all your record keeping and documentation and help you compete and maintain them.

Field subject enquiries

This covers the routine work, data subject enquiries and breach support. In addition,  you get a discount on our standard rates for any extra help you may need as your organisation grows and changes.

You get a named DPO, allowing you to register details with the ICO, supported by our team and resources. The service includes a set number of on-site visits and assurance reports. Our assisted compliance and helpline services are also included.

Documentation and dashboard

We maintain comprehensive documentation for you including a compliance dashboard as well as the necessary regulatory paperwork. Your DPO is available to you as needed to give advice and be involved in decision-making as required by legislation.

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Benefits of DPO as a service

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Policies and procedures

Our assisted compliance service, providing maintenance of all the necessary records, including Data Protection Impact Assessments, records of data processing and privacy-related policies.

Data breaches

Breach response

Investigation, breach recording, crisis communications and breach mitigation. On-site or remote response with a cast-iron SLA to ensure that you meet your regulatory reporting requirements.

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Independent monitoring and oversight of your data processing in line with regulatory requirements, accurate record keeping and regular assessment of the impact of your policies through on-site audit visits and assurance reports.

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Liaison with the ICO and other relevant regulators, direct handling of data subject access requests and other enquires; dealing with suppliers and customers including review of data sharing agreements. 

Extra benefits

  • Allocation of a Certified Privacy Professional as named DPO.
  • Combination of CPD and Securys internal training means named DPO is up-to-date with privacy and information security landscape.
  • Priority access to consultants for any additional project work.
  • Updates on tips for improving security.
  • Suggested updates to policies and procedures*
  • Early-bird rates on our training courses.

*if you've licensed our policy framework

Case studies

Given that no two clients are the same, we tailor our support to meet the needs of each of our clients. The selection of case studies below illustrates our flexible service and indicates the expert insight we are able to provide.

Please get in touch to learn more.

A comprehensive review of this charity's compliance with GDPR.


A health and social care charity in the UK, employing 1,000 staff and 3,000 dedicated volunteers approached Securys to explore outsourcing its DPO function.

Challenge: An in-house DPO position existed but the Senior team had concerns regarding the advice provided. Given the scale of special category data handled, the charity wanted greater reassurance.

Solution: The charity engaged Securys to provide ongoing outsourced DPO. Having ready access to expert advice streamlines the compliance process and minimizes the burden.

Securys manages every aspect from handling complex enquiries from data subjects to dealing with the ICO and completing necessary regulatory paperwork.

Only ever a call away, Securys provides prompt advice across a broad range of data privacy challenges and our specialist expertise is proving invaluable to the client.

We are retained by the Director of IT and Finance and continue to work with the charity.


A comprehensive review of this charitable arts venue's compliance with GDPR.


This major charitable performing arts venue prides itself on its ranking as one of the world’s busiest theatres. Each year, it stages over 2,000 performances and events and employs in excess of 1,000 permanent members of staff.

Challenge: Our original introduction to this charitable organisation had been to provide advice and support with their GDPR readiness project. Despite the organisation not legally requiring the role of Data Protection Office (DPO), their newly appointed Legal Counsel approached Securys looking for outsourced DPO as a service support. Having worked with Securys in a previous organisation, the General Counsel recognised the importance of ensuring that the personal data of all its stakeholders whether employees, donors or visitors was processed securely and lawfully.

Solution: Securys nominated an experienced DPO to assist the charitable organisation. Only ever a phone call or an email away, the outsourced DPO is on hand to provide the necessary guidance and specialist advice. Tailored to the specific needs of the performing arts venue, the advice provided ranges from handling queries and DSAR requests in a timely manner to keeping their RoPA updated, undertaking supplier due-diligence, privacy supporting paperwork, breach support and liaison with the regulator if required.

Working both on and offsite, the outsourced DPO has provided reassurance, keeps the organisation informed of relevant legislative changes as well as provided specialist advice on specific queries raised by the organisation.

Securys continues to work with this organisation.

Building trust and reducing risk


An independent secondary boarding school with a long-established history initially approached Securys to fully assess its preparedness for the introduction of the GDPR. With over 550 pupils and more than 100 teachers and staff, the bursar wanted a review of its GDPR readiness as well as remediation support to ensure compliance with the new regulation. Securys was subsequently retained by the bursar as their outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO).

Challenge: with such a long history, the school possesses extensive personal data, including sensitive medical and pastoral care information, which can be accessed by varying departments across the school site. Reassurance was needed that operations and fundraising remain fully compliant with privacy legislation, and that privacy rights of children are respected in a complex and international context.

Solution:provides a comprehensive Data Protection Officer service that includes an action plan to embed and monitor good data protection practice across the school, building on how safeguarding has previously been embedded; delivery of data protection training to school staff; reviewing and advising on data retention periods; advising on selection of suppliers who will access personal data; and support to build privacy by design into new activities such as the school’s Covid-19 response and changing methods of engagement with the school community.

Securys continues to work with this organisation.


Resources to download

10-minute guide: The Data Protection Officer

A brief overview of the duties and responsibilities of those who ensure compliance with data protection law

Resources to download

DPO as a service

Helping manage your data protection whilst meeting all regulatory requirements.

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Data protection, cyber-security, regulation, PCI-DSS, GDPR, ISO27001, governance… There’s a lot to know. There’s more regulation every month, and more news stories about organisations that have got it wrong and cyber criminals are on the attack.

Assisted Compliance

Our assisted compliance service builds on the advice and guidance available from our helpline. We help you achieve compliance, then maintain it. We provide a flexible service that we can tailor to meet your specific needs.

About Securys


A specialist data privacy consultancy with a difference

We are not a law firm, but we employ lawyers. We’re not a cybersecurity business but our staff qualifications include CISSP and CISA. We’re not selling a one-size-fits-all tech product, but we’ve built proprietary tools and techniques that work with the class-leading GRC products to simplify and streamline the hardest tasks in assuring privacy.


Certified and accredited

We're corporate members of The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) which is a resource for privacy professionals globally. A not-for-profit organisation, the IAPP offers a full suite of educational and professional development services and is the leading provider of  privacy certifications. All our consultants are required to obtain one or more IAPP certifications.

We’re also ISO 27001-certified and have a comprehensive set of policies and frameworks to help our clients achieve and maintain certification. Above all, our relentless focus is on practical operational delivery of effective data privacy for all your stakeholders.

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Our relentless focus is on the practical operational delivery of effective data privacy for all your stakeholders.

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