Data breaches - the new PPI?

Ben Rapp
November 2021

Data breaches - the new PPI illustration

Could data breaches be the next target for class action compensation suits driven by aggressive no-win no-fee law firms? 

We’ve certainly seen more than one email from lawyers seeking clients to join proposed actions; we’ve also heard that in France, in particular, there are ongoing telemarketing campaigns along the same lines.

If this takes hold in the same way that Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) mis-selling became a cash machine for lawyers and a commensurate drain on banks, then putting additional budget into minimising breaches and demonstrating your commitment to compliance with data protection regulations could offer a substantial return on investment.

Here at Securys, the specialist data privacy consultancy, we offer a comprehensive range of privacy services (Privacy Made Positive® from Securys). Much of our work is in avoiding breaches and assuring compliance, but we do also provide a breach management service for when things go wrong.

Our data breach management process for global companies puts the data subject first, focusing on minimising harm and managing effective communications while also complying with reporting requirements and liaising with regulators.

However hard everyone works, all companies experience data breaches, whether it be a paper file left on a train, a phishing attack, or a full-blown ransomware outbreak. The accelerating speed of remote working and the use of employees’ own devices over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it a proliferation of security concerns, hugely increasing the number of potentially vulnerable endpoints and the distribution of sensitive data. 

In the last year, we’ve certainly seen a significant increase in the number of data subject enquiries and requests for advice we’ve dealt with at the global businesses for which we provide privacy support and Data Protection Officer services. It’s clear that consumers and employees are increasingly aware of their rights under data protection laws like the GDPR and that they understand the leverage this can give them.


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