Could your business benefit from using privacy as a competitive advantage?

We launched the Privacy Made Positive™ initiative in 2020 with the intention of putting hard figures against our thesis that good privacy delivers measurable commercial value. 

In 2020, economic consultancy Independent Economics (formerly Llewellyn Consulting) spent several months analysing existing research across consumers, employees, economics and investors to see what evidence there is to support our thesis and quantify the return on investment. The evidence they found is summarised in our eBook entitled Economic Research: The history, impact and economic value behind good privacy practices.

In 2021, we kicked off our consumer research. We commissioned research specialists Kantar to survey over 4,000 consumers across GB, Ireland, France and Germany and establish how people act on privacy. The survey results showed that privacy influences purchase decision making.

The results are published in our second eBook entitled Data privacy and consumer choice and behaviours across Europe.

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Privacy is more than just compliance; it’s about
building trust.

Trust with your customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and the wider community. Get privacy right and you’ll see concrete returns across sales, employee relations and investment.

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