KYC, AML and data privacy – a delicate balancing act

Webinar recording:

In this webinar, our expert panel addressed some of the most challenging questions facing compliance teams as countries around the world pass new data protection laws and ramp up enforcement.  

The panel considered the points of greatest tension, sharing their insight from working with some of the world’s largest enterprises and with major regional players in emerging markets 

With the emphasis on finding ways to keep financial services regulators, data protection regulators and, most importantly, customers happy, the panel outlined the practical steps businesses should be taking to address the challenges identified and ultimately improve the customer experience. 


Next steps:

To help organisations navigate the path ahead, we have published an article that summarises the wider context and outlines the practical actions organisations should be considering to recalibrate and restore the balance between KYC, AML and data privacy.

You can access our article by clicking here.

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