Compliance: Obstacle or opportunity?

Webinar recording:

This recording includes highlights from our panel discussion at the Yes We Trust Summit with Ben Rapp, Founder and Principal at Securys, Vivienne Artz, OBE, the then Chief Privacy Offer & Managing Director, London Stock Exchange, Marc Marrero, Director of Privacy, Standard Chartered Bank, Stef Elliott, Founder, Six Serving Men and Romain Gauthier, CEO of Didomi. 

For businesses to thrive in a privacy-conscious world, they need to build trust with all stakeholders whether customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, investors or others. Those businesses that do will be repaid in everything from lower talent acquisition costs, through investor valuations to higher net promoter scores. 

The panel highlighted why organisations should adopt a holistic approach to build trust and why compliance should not be perceived as a tick-box exercise. Panel members provided examples of their own experience to indicate how that trust can be built.

Ben Rapp provided insight from the Securys research programme, Privacy Made Positive which explores the positive impact of good privacy practices.

About the Yes We Trust Summit 

The Yes We Trust Summit, hosted for the first time in October 2021, was an online event created to help professionals understand, learn and get inspired about the many ways organisations can thrive in a privacy-conscious world.  Its origins lie with Didomi, a marketing technology company that helps businesses build privacy-first, permission-based communications with their customers. 


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