Brexit, adequacy and international data transfers: the next chapter

Webinar recording:

In this webinar, the latest in our international data series, our regular panellists were joined by industry expert Isabelle Roccia, Managing Director, IAPP Europe and Thanas Loli, Chief Privacy Officer, Northern Trust Corporation.

To set the context, Ben Rapp provided a comprehensive round up of the current state of play, touching on China’s PIPL, India’s draft Personal Data Protection Bill, The UK’s Data Reform Bill as well as privacy law enforcement action on US transfers and the implications of the recent agreement between the EU and the US to update Privacy Shield.

To cater for the changing and emerging set of restrictions facing companies, the panel considered and provided their perspective on current challenges including:
  • the changing role of the privacy professional and the need to expand their sphere of influence with internal teams especially IT and system architecture
  • the obligation facing organisations to fully consider the benefits to, and the rights of data subject in relation to their organisational needs
  • the operational implications facing companies when moving from a centralised to a more localised privacy operating model
  • the practical challenges of developing a federalised system deployment model for businesses that operate in territories that require data to be localised.

Next steps:

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