Privacy sells: How US consumers act on privacy

This webinar, hosted in conjunction with The American Marketing Association (AMA) formed part of the launch of our latest Privacy Made Positive® research on the US market.  The research, conducted by Kantar on 3,000 consumers across the US asked consumers how they feel about privacy and their personal data, and also what they had done about it.

Panel members included Joana McKenna, Chief Executive Office,, Adara Bowen, Executive Vice President Growth and Strategy, The AMA, Amy Nixon, Senior Vice President Strategy, 9Rooftops Marketing and Ben Rapp, Founder and Principal, Securys.

In a wide-ranging discussion, the panel acknowledged privacy’s pivotal role in building brand trust.

Looking to the future, the panel challenged marketeers to ‘lean in’ to privacy, to act now and to focus on regaining and retaining consumer trust.

Seven-point plan for marketing teams

  1. 'Lean in' to privacy - i.e. take action now
  2. Collaborate and engage with colleagues across the business so privacy, IT, legal, tech etc
  3. Establish a clear understanding of your current position on privacy and data collection
  4. Develop a vision of what good privacy means for you brand
  5. Improve how privacy information is presented and communicated to increase clarity and transparency and do so in your brand 'voice'
  6. Go above and beyond what is legally required to foster consumer trust
  7. Make privacy and data policy part of a regular strategic focus.


Privacy Made Positive® research

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