We've expanded our research into the US.

Privacy is complex in the US. There’s no single federal privacy law akin to the GDPR in the US, but there is a web of federal and state laws that touch on privacy and, more importantly, there’s perhaps the purest competitive market in the world. 

At the end of 2022, we surveyed 3,000 consumers across continental US to understand how they feel about privacy and -crucially - what that'd done about it. 

We anticipate our research will show that consumers and employees in the US care more about privacy than slow legislative progress suggests, and that they act on those concerns with their pocket-books and job applications. 

This supports our thesis that businesses can and should use privacy as a market differentiator in order to gain a competitive edge over their rivals.

Toolkit available
Alongside our Privacy Made Positive® research, we’ve developed a comprehensive product offering that enables organisations to use privacy as a competitive advantage. To find out more about our toolkit, visit the Privacy Made Positive® hub.

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