In May we launched Privacy Made Positive, an initiative dedicated to putting hard figures against our thesis that good privacy delivers measurable commercial value. This initiative has three phases: 1 analysis of the existing research, 2 customised consumer and employee research and 3 economic research and qualitative interviews. The ebooks which you can request here are for phase 1 and the consumer part of phase 2.

Economic consultancy Llewellyn Consulting has spent the past few months analysing existing research across consumers, employees, economics and investors to see what evidence there is to support our thesis and quantify the return on investment. They’ve found plenty of evidence that organisations with visibly good privacy outperform those without, that data privacy used for employee retention helps reduce staff costs and that investors seek out organisations with a focus on ESG, including privacy.

For our consumer research we commissioned Kantar to survey over 4,000 consumers and establish how people act on privacy.

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